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Perfect Image Gold Software

Perfect Image Gold software : Optional module for automated measurements
Fields of applications
Gold module is mainly dedicated to particles size analysis, phase analysis, porosity measurement, objects counting, etc…. in many different areas : Metallurgy, Pharmaceuticals, Quality control…
The provided tools with the gold module allow automation of repetitive tasks and the analysis of a large number of samples.

Tools and Automation
Gold module characterizes precisely and easily objects morphology. All steps of the objects analysis are available within the module, from sample characterization, automated sample analysis, results publishing and reporting.
Many filters based on objects shape and dimensions are implemented in the module. These are filters from mathematical morphology including : erosion, dilation, skeletons, watershed, feeling holes, border kill, cleaning, automatic object separation, … all these filters are customizable by the operator.
Gold module has a powerful macro commands editor that auto-mates repetitive tasks. Macro commands are built in a step by step mode by recording the differents tasks to be chained. Macro commands are also designed to accept VbScript commands(VisualBasic programming language from Microsoft). Basic macro commands can call other macro commands.
Reports and Statistics
All generated results can be exported to Excel, the operator has immediate access to all Excel features to create and edit complete reports.

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