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Filtre Expert : Image Analysis solution for cleanliness control

Filtre Expert Imaging Station
Automatic cleanliness analysis - Microscopic analysis of filter membranes ISO-16232
Filtre Expert imaging station is fully dedicated to the cleanliness analysis of mechanical parts and hydraulic fluids.
To determine the contamination of a component, sample parts are selected and cleaned with the use of a solvent, the cleaning fluid is then passed through a filter which will entrap the residual particles.
After this process the filter is dried and ready for cleanliness analysis.
Filters are observed and analyzed using an optical microscope. With the use of a X / Y / Z  motorized stage Filter Expert allows automatic analysis of all types of filters.
Filtre Expert software allows you to work according to various international standards: ISO 16232, ISO 4406, ISO 4407, NFE 48-651, NFE 48 -655, NF L41-101 ...
The operator can also configure the counting classes and the pollution code to meet specific stantards: PSA D79 5452, Volvo STD 107-0002, ...
Filtre Expert is designed for instant getting started with a step by step measurement procedure. Particles and fibers detection on the membrane is performed in a few seconds.
Particles are measured by their greater length. Filter Expert automatically rebuilds objects crossing several fields. While exploring the filter, particles and fibers are sorted according to the selected counting standard.

Images of the most distinctive particles and fibers of the membrane are automatically extracted for visual operator checking and reporting purposes. 

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