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Welding Expert : Imaging station for weld bead measurement

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Welding Expert is an innovative welding quality tool for fast and highly accurate weld bead measurement.

Welding Expert imaging station has been designed and thought to simplify weld bead measurement's in quality assurance laboratories.
Welding Expert offers a flat glass surface onto which your cut and polished samples are placed.
A internal LED lighting system provides bright even illumination for the remote zoom camera, ensuring a crisp and high contrast image for all measurements.
Welding Expert software has been designed to fulfill the most advanced Welding certification standards.
Welding Expert software can be easily configured to be in compliance with almost all the standards : VW 01106-1, VW 01106-3, Renault 34-05-012, Renault 32-00-014, PSA B13 1540…
You can:
Define the type of measurement to take on each weld
Define measurement tools to use
Define tolerances ....
The measurement mode uses the parameters set by the system administrator. Whatever the operator, the weld beads are measured in the same way.
All results are compared to the acceptance criteria and the results are automatically stored in Excel files.
The operator can edit a comprehensive report of the part being measured.
All the results can then be operated through statistical monitoring tools.
For more information on our Welding Expert System, please visit the dedicated web site:

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